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Mary E. Pearson

The Adoration of Jenna Fox

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2008

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Sections 10-12Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Section 10 Summary: Hold On—Telling (pp. 140-165)

Jenna tries to look up reports of her accident on the internet, but her access is blocked. Her parents force her to go to school and, still reeling from the last couple days, she and Ethan get into a shouting match about Walden during a class discussion. Ethan wants to know what’s wrong, but Jenna can’t tell him. Dane warns her that Ethan is dangerous and nearly killed the man he beat up. Lily and Jenna talk, and Lily reminds Jenna of a time before her accident when Jenna was ordered to her room but didn’t go. She strongly hints that Jenna has been programmed to obey certain directives, which would explain Jenna’s loss of control when sent to her room days earlier. The next day, while on a conference call with Father, Jenna tests this idea, smashing dishes until Mother orders her to her room. With great concentration, Jenna is able to resist. Father explains that it was only a subliminal message intended to protect Jenna in case of danger, because her existence is so illegal. He also reveals that they uploaded the entire Boston school system curriculum into Jenna’s brain, which explains why Jenna has Walden memorized.