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Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor and Park

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2012

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Chapters 37-48Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 37 Summary: Eleanor

Eleanor wonders why she and Park never have the opportunity to be totally by themselves. In fact, this same topic has been heavily weighing on Park’s mind lately and he worries that he will not be able to get his driver’s license while his dad is still mad at him. He talks with Eleanor about the fact that his father is still upset with him, and Eleanor consoles Park by saying that his father obviously still loves him.

Eleanor herself is feeling more optimistic as of late because she is starting to think that Park’s mom really does like her now. It has become a common occurrence for Park’s mother to experiment on Eleanor with new makeup products. One day, Park’s mom tells Eleanor that she wished she had a daughter like Eleanor, and Eleanor could not help but wish she had relatives like Park’s family. 

Chapter 38 Summary: Eleanor

For Eleanor, “Wednesday nights are the worst” because Park is preoccupied with taekwondo practice and it has grown too cold to play outside (233). This forces Eleanor and her siblings to stay cooped up in their room in order to avoid